GUIDED DRIVING TOURS of Arizona, California, Colorado
and other states of the American West — researched and tested onsite for you.
Where to go  •   What to see and do   •   Where to eat and sleep

About Us

    Celia is the one who does the driving, so Bill can concentrate on the research. She's the one who represents the female viewpoint and offers recommendations when there are choices to make. She reads the developing manuscript and puts her English major to work by making edit suggestions. And she provides moral support during the strenuous days of writing and marketing our books and newsletter.

    Bill loves to do research and write, and has done so for many years, so that task is his. He has written the three books in our Seven Perfect Days series, all of the issues of Pathfinder Newsletter, a historical novel based in Estes Park, Colorado, written and published a management newsletter for 12 years, and researched and wrote the lead chapter and all of the case studies in The Power of Empowerment: What the Experts Say and 16 Actionable Case Studies. He was Executive Director of the Quality & Productivity Management Association before he retired.

    Both Bill and Celia love to travel, so that joy is theirs together. They've traveled in 49 states and 12 other countries. They particularly love the American West, so have focused their book series and newsletter on that part of the United States.

    We're the ”companions in the book” who guide readers through a circular tour of a scenic and interesting geographic area. We've done all the research for the reader and have thoroughly field-tested each tour: the route to take (with original maps), things to see and do along that route, recommended places to stay and eat, historical vignettes, background readings, and more. We describe all of it as though we were traveling and talking with friends.

    Bill's love for Colorado began when he spent a summer working as a wrangler at Young Life's Frontier Ranch near Buena Vista, between his junior and senior years in high school. Many vacations and exploratory trips to Colorado, for both of us, followed over the ensuing years. With the development of some expertise on Northern Colorado came the idea behind our Colorado book: share the joy with others.

    And we're not strangers to Northern California or Arizona, either. Celia was born in Yosemite and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She and Bill graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, were married in Berkeley, lived in the East Bay, Sacramento and San Diego, and traveled often to the places that are highlighted in the Northern California book. As for Arizona, we have traveled frequently to that state and have developed a fondness for its diversity, near-desert environment, weather, history, plant and animal life, and the many attractions and things to do there.

    Other travels have taken us to every state west of the Mississippi, except North Dakota. More field research in all of these states will lead to the publication of additional articles in Pathfinder Newsletter.

    So, let us be your guides. Happy trails await you in the American West!